Why not a spiral?

We’re done with rectangles. Aren’t we?
Unless of course they are twisted into Möbius strips.

Spirals give us the sensation of continuous motion. Photo from Sam Woolfe

All spatial jests side, a new paradigm might propel us forward to a healthier mindset. In every corner of the globe during covid, anxiety, despair, panic were rampant. …

10 possible mash-ups of Broadway, Central Park & Harlem

by Deirdre Towers

Saks Fifth Avenue

Yesterday, I strolled through Saks Fifth Avenue, glancing at price tags and snapping photos. It was empty of course because of Covid. Or was it deserted because of the retail implosion?

Once the luxurious spine of New York…

while scrambling to resist the undertow

photo by Author. Cove in South Thomaston, Maine

I have been a mess lately. Haven’t we all?

That mess — how can one describe it? A storm of conflicting emotions? My instinct has been to run, to flee as though from a house on fire, Achilles’ tendons be damned. Flip the soul-draining energy and ride the wave away…

A scene from The Truth Has Changed, running until 19 at The Public Theater as part of The Public’s 16th Annual Under the Radar Festival. Photo Credit: International Wow Company

Josh Fox released in 2010 a documentary GASLAND that won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance, and seemingly as many fans as enemies. …

Waterfront Museum in Red Hook, on the Hudson River. Photo by Steve McGill

Oysters To The Rescue, Again and Again…

by Deirdre Towers

The Billion Oyster Project caught my attention as a romantic attempt to salvage the Hudson River. And it’s working! The Hudson River is reportedly the cleanest it’s been in 50 years.

28 million oyster shells recycled from 75 restaurants. have…

Magda Bellanova and a client in Bellanova Beauty Lab in Brooklyn, NYC

It’s been known to…

by Deirdre Towers

Imagine a facial so relaxing you feel wise, opened, and tall!

Magda Bellanova’s newly acquired skills in Sculptural Lifting Massage were acquired by studying with a Russian named Yakov Gershkovich. Gershkovich massages the face…

Deirdre Towers

Writer/Choreographer produced LA CHANA, the award-winning documentary, the Dance on Camera Festival (1994–2012), and Bell 8 Installations.

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