Why not a spiral?

We’re done with rectangles. Aren’t we?
Unless of course they are twisted into Möbius strips.

Spirals give us the sensation of continuous motion. Photo from Sam Woolfe

All spatial jests side, a new paradigm might propel us forward to a healthier mindset. In every corner of the globe during covid, anxiety, despair, panic were rampant. When we panic, we freeze, until a little voice within says…”don’t just sit there, do something!”

Doing something requires movement. Who understands motion better than dancers? Dancers can lead the way by doing what we do best, move with grace and ingenuity.

“Thinking out of the box” an expression inspired by John Adair’s…

Deirdre Towers

Writer/Choreographer produced LA CHANA, the award-winning documentary, the Dance on Camera Festival (1994–2012), and Bell 8 Installations.

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